Couples Counselling

Are you and your partner having communication issues? Are you finding it difficult to effectively resolve conflicts? Are you dealing with infidelity, lack of trust, or are you feeling as though you have grown apart after years of putting the children first?

Couples counselling can help you both gain insight into what is not working and why. I can help you understand the dynamics of your relationship and pinpoint areas of conflict. Through counselling, couples are often successful at restoring trust and intimacy, putting fun back into their relationship and renewing that ‘spark’ that has faded away over the years.

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Depression and Anxiety

Are you feeling stuck, flat or exhausted or cannot turn off your mind? Have you ended a relationship, or become unemployed? Are you caring for aging parents? Are you feeling overwhelmed at home or work? Are you dealing with issues of low self esteem, overwhelming guilt or “paralysis?” Are you unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Click here to see how I can help you identify self defeating thought and behavior patterns, learn proven strategies to enhance your confidence and coping skills, and conquer your fears.

Addictions Counselling

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol, drug use or another dependency or addiction? As an experienced substance abuse counsellor, I can help you formulate a relapse prevention plan.

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Or did you grow up in a family with one or more alcoholic parents? Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) experience very specific, typical traumas that can affect the way you feel about yourself and can make it difficult for you to feel you are leading a “normal” adult life. We can explore how the alcoholic parent’s behaviours have affected you. Click here to see how I can  help you understand the coping mechanisms you developed to manage your situation as you grew up.

Trauma Counselling

Are you dealing with a recent traumatic event that continues to plague you? Was there a traumatic event in your childhood that you just can’t shake? Have you been a victim of crime, such as an assault or burglary? Have you been in a car accident?

Click here to see how I can help you confront the incident(s), understand how it has affected you and offer the appropriate support.

Grief and Loss

Have you lost a parent or other loved one recently (or not so recently)? Has this loss triggered some unresolved issues?

Have you been isolating yourself and struggling just to get through the day? Have you experienced a major life change? Or a major change in your health or physical abilities?

Has your last child moved out and left you with an “empty nest?”

Through gentle, supportive counselling, I will assist you in your journey of finding your way back. Click here to learn more about how counselling will help you to regain the joy in your life.